Happy first birthday, FriendFeed

Logo-birthday-2008-s Another birthday to celebrate: FriendFeed is one year old today. Happy birthday. At FriendFeed you can import your blog posts, Flickr photos, "Twitters" and so on; join or create "rooms" based on special interests; post links and messages; and discuss ideas arising from linked articles, either in a room (topic-specific) or just with your friends. Some examples:

Crime and Mystery Fiction

OWL (links from an omnipresent Wisconsin librarian)

The Book Room

Sunday Salon (one-day-a-week blog posts about what people are reading)

Science Online (formerly ScienceBlogging 2008 conference, now for more general discussions about online science communication)

The Life Scientists

Please join me, others and the conversation. (My FriendFeed is here.)