Desperate situations, part 94

Sitting at my computer while a daughter is watching a recorded episode of Desperate Housewives. Hear screech of brakes. Look up and round to see screen. Woman 1 is pushing man out of car and towards a car driven by woman 2. Woman 1 clearly needs to dash off somewhere alone – asks woman 2: "will you take him home?" "Sure" says woman 2 (from the back looks like Nicolette Sheridan). "Get in" to man as woman 1 drives of. He screams and pleads:

"Don't make me go back there! The other divorced men are trying to start a book club."

Later on, woman brings young girl into house. Angry man shouts "You took her to therapy behind my back!".

I only watched the first series of this programme (on recorded DVD of course) so have missed about 3,080 hours between then and now, but I really must get back to it based on these snatches of dialogue I am hearing.

1 thought on “Desperate situations, part 94

  1. This is too funny. I utterly missed both “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex and the City,” but I may indulge in the movie version of the second when it’s out on DVD.
    They need to make a series about book-haunted academic women who are trying to grade papers at night while making spaghetti with jarred sauce for their equally harried spouse and children — I could probably identify with that. The overweight marital partners could do the dishes together in the kitchen, with him whispering furiously that once a week is not enough and her replying that if he could grade her papers for her, well then she’d agree. The kids could be bickering at the table over whose turn it is pick the video game they’re given thirty minutes to play before finishing homework, reading, and going to bed. “Mrs. Smith says it’s your turn to pick us up from soccer practice tomorrow,” the younger one sings out to her mother.
    Mother and father exchange quick glances. He places his dishwater-soaked hand on her well-padded hip. “I’ll leave work early and pick them up, IF….” His eyes are pleading. She lightly kisses his cheek. “It’s a deal.”

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