Short stories about love

Reading the Times paper edition today (as is my wont) I was impressed by the six short (300-word) stories written by readers that have just won a competition held by the paper. The six winning stories are here. Last summer, I think while I was away on holiday as I seem to have missed it, the Times asked six authors (Matt Thorne, Lionel Shriver, Jilly Cooper, James Meek, Adele Parks and Tim Lott) to write a 300-word (max) story on the subject of love. The results are here.

If you like the competition winners, here are eight runners-up from among the Times readers' entries.

Desperate situations, part 94

Sitting at my computer while a daughter is watching a recorded episode of Desperate Housewives. Hear screech of brakes. Look up and round to see screen. Woman 1 is pushing man out of car and towards a car driven by woman 2. Woman 1 clearly needs to dash off somewhere alone – asks woman 2: "will you take him home?" "Sure" says woman 2 (from the back looks like Nicolette Sheridan). "Get in" to man as woman 1 drives of. He screams and pleads:

"Don't make me go back there! The other divorced men are trying to start a book club."

Later on, woman brings young girl into house. Angry man shouts "You took her to therapy behind my back!".

I only watched the first series of this programme (on recorded DVD of course) so have missed about 3,080 hours between then and now, but I really must get back to it based on these snatches of dialogue I am hearing.