Update from the FriendFeed crime fiction room

As well as the blogs that already feed into the FriendFeed crime & mystery fiction room, here are some links that have recently (yesterdayish) been featured:
Early review of The Likeness by Tara French (first novel: In the Woods).
Stieg again! More on that girl with that tattoo.
An odd prize decision.
Olen Steinhauer is the guest blogger next week.
via Dave Lull
Anyone is welcome to join the FriendFeed crime & mystery fiction room for regular updates from a selection of blogs; breaking news on the topic from everywhere else; and a very easy user interface for conversation about the highlighted articles. Once you've joined, you can import your own blog (and other online services such as Flickr, Twitter, etc), as well as post your own links and messages when you want to share and discuss ideas and articles. It is a pleasant conversation space.

8 thoughts on “Update from the FriendFeed crime fiction room

  1. Maxine –
    I still don’t get FriendFeed. First of all it refuses to recognize my Google Reader shared items (I suspect because it’s google.co.uk not google.com), but more relevent to this, I can’t see how to find rooms unless someone directs you to one – for instance, is there a room about science fiction or popular science… I don’t know because I can’t see any way to list them.

  2. Hello Brian.
    If a room on FriendFeed is public, you can just join it once you are in it. I searched when I first joined FF and could not find any crime fiction sites so started one. I did find a book group site which seems quite active and seems to have quite a bit of SF discussion, and have joined that. http://friendfeed.com/rooms/the-book-room – so do try by clicking.
    I can’t understand why it won’t register your Google shared items, but if you set up an account you can have your blogs automatically post to it. You can also easily created a “bookmarklet” so you can post (“share”) the URL of a page to your FF page (or any of your rooms) direct from the page you are on – adding a comment at the same time if you wish.
    I’ll send you a direct invite to the book group room to see if it works that way.
    I agree that there are somewhat limited ways to find out what “rooms” there are on FF, maybe there are others that I don’t know about.

  3. Hi Brian, I don’t know why you’re google reader shared items doesn’t work. Not a problem I’ve heard anyone else having. Have you tried just replacing the .co.uk domain with .com?
    The finding rooms thing is an ongoing discussion and its not clear to me why there isn’t a search or a list for them – I just tried to see whether there is a science fiction room by searching ‘everyone’ for “science fiction” and “room” but didn’t turn anything up. You may be able to find a more useful index at http://www.ffholic.com/ which at least lists the rooms.

  4. Thanks, Cameron. According to that helpful link you provide, the book room (the link I’ve recommended to Brian above) is the 15th (or something) most active room on FF, even more active than The Life Scientists ;-), so it is probably a good one for Brian to start with, and he might then find other more targeted groups via following SF-liking users. The book room isn’t exclusively SF (or I wouldn’t be in it!) but does seem to have quite a few discussions and links to SF books and related topics.

  5. Try various Google searches like this one:
    “science fiction” site:friendfeed.com/rooms/

  6. Thanks, I’ve joined that.
    It was because my Google Reader link was .co.uk not .com (cultural imperialists!) – it accepted it when I changed it to .com
    … still seems crazy there’s no way to find rooms.

  7. Sorry, that was the book room I joined. That search format is magic, Dave – found loads. But having looked, I don’t want to join those science fiction rooms either!
    I don’t think I’ll use FF directly – I like getting everything through Google Reader – but I’ve subscribed to the Book Room through Reader, which means I’ll see the posts, I think.
    Thanks for highlighting this, Maxine.

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