Hearing the canary’s song

I very much like this post from Nige (of Nigeness):

"One of those nice short sellers who have been working tirelessly to save the economy from itself explained last night that he and his fellow shorters are 'like canaries in a coal mine'. Except (he didn't add) that instead of keeling over and dying like canaries, they trouser the money and scarper. An important difference, I think."

Update from the FriendFeed crime fiction room

As well as the blogs that already feed into the FriendFeed crime & mystery fiction room, here are some links that have recently (yesterdayish) been featured:
Early review of The Likeness by Tara French (first novel: In the Woods).
Stieg again! More on that girl with that tattoo.
An odd prize decision.
Olen Steinhauer is the guest blogger next week.
via Dave Lull
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