Sergey Brin starts Googol Too

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, has started a blog, called Too. The first post reads: "Welcome to my personal blog. While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number – two. It also means "in addition", as this blog reflects my life outside of work."

The second post is a description of his mother's diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, and Sergey's decision to have a genetic test for his own risk of suffering from the condition. Genetic testing is at a very early stage, and many specialists believe that it can't tell you much. But it is a moving post, and perhaps an indication of the way things are going (not least because the owner of Google is writing it).

I hope that Sergey continues with his blog and posts more regularly than another web-eminent blogger, Tim Berners-Lee.

At the Science Blogging 2008 conference, a competition was announced: a challenge to the audience to persuade an eminent scientist to blog. Although Sergey Brin isn't a scientist these days, his first (proper) post is scientific. Will he continue along these lines? I wonder if someone will be entering Too in the contest? Time will tell.

Thanks to Pierre for sharing the news of Too.