That crazy little word called Web

A few crazy links.

Dilbert survey of economists. (I wish there were more of them like him.)

For those who don't mind watching videos: Hockey moms against Sarah Palin.

Read David Hewson's first Nic Costa novel for free (until 15 October).

Print copies more popular than e-downloads for the Female Science Professor's book.

Facebook – the movie, from Aaron Sorkin, writer of The West Wing and other series. 

Weakness or strength of Wikipedia: same data, different conclusion.

The LHC will not recreate the Big Bang. "This statement is not only slightly inaccurate, it is simply plainly wrong by at least 19 orders of magnitude. The world will not end tomorrow. Please do me the favour and do not ask questions without having read the above mentioned posts, because I am really tired of repeating the same points over and over again. It is really not that hard to understand, just give it a try. It is quite ironic that I spoke about these two examples in my talk yesterday to explain how difficult communication between scientists and the public can be." Hear, hear.

What you have been doing when you haven't been writing for 4 months (and therefore haven't updated the '101 reasons to stop writing' blog).

Escape POD part deux: Ernest Scribbler and Prairie Mary meet.

Mean Fifteen, blog post by Chelsea Cain: "My daughter thinks that I sign books for a living, because this is all she ever gets to see me do – I don't let her come to readings – if you've ever read one of my thrillers, you know why.  My husband reviews movies for The Oregonian, and our daughter thinks he watches TV for a living. 
I fear that her impression of work is a little biased, and that she'll be sorely disappointed when she shows up for her first job and learns what work actually entails."

OK, that's enough craziness for one night.

4 thoughts on “That crazy little word called Web

  1. I’m one of Prairie Mary’s long-term devoted followers. I think she’s great. Dave Lull is also a keen reader of her blogs. She has written many excellent and insightful posts on POD, as well as having done a fair bit herself. Great that the two of you have connected.

  2. Well, Ernest, you should know that sometimes I’m earnest but more often I’m playful and that I’m older than you. Age seems very important now that the apocalypse is upon us. I don’t write mysteries because that seems redundundant in today’s world.
    I’m less a gal than a broad but less broad than I was before David Lull clued me in on lo-carb diets.
    I like your photo but can’t get mine to stick on my blog. Dunno what I’m doing wrong. I’m always doing SOMETHING wrong. And that’s the truth. But it’s fine with me.
    Prairie Mary
    Valier, Montana
    just off the SE corner of the Blackfeet Rez

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