Don’t diss the Internet

Susan Hill has not written a post for more than a month. Yesterday she wrote on her blog:

"I was internet free, pretty much, for 5 weeks and as a consequence I am going internet-free for good. E-mails, yes, writing this blog, yes, using the scholarly sites for my dissertation, yes. Banking, yes. Otherwise, I`m abandoning the internet for good. Well so far as the eye can see. I have missed nothing.  Not one thing.  And I have wasted sooo much less time."

But how do you know you haven't missed anything if you weren't looking? And how do you know that what you were doing while you weren't looking at the Internet was less "time wasting" than doing something on the Internet?

Putting those points to one side, Susan Hill's definition of being "Internet free" made me smile. What she has decided is that she will practice good time-management by using the Internet for doing things that are useful to her (banking, blogging, etc) and not for things that she does not find useful. She is not "abandoning the Internet for good" (her phrase) any more than somebody can say she is "a little bit pregnant". Once you've experienced the sheer usefulness, let alone the heady joys, of the Internet, I think it would be pretty near impossible to go truly cold turkey.