Who won the Olympic games?

America may count up the medals in one way (totalling golds, silvers and bronzes) and the rest of the world in another, but according to the Times, the Dominican Republic is the overall winner: 47th in the medal table and 179th in GDP rankings gives it a "difference score" of plus 132. Mongolia and Zimbabwe are second and third, respectively. Ireland comes last by this count, with a difference score of minus 32. If you prefer to look at it another way, a contributor to the rec.arts mystery group suggested that Australia should be the winner, with 2.3 medals per million of population. However, although this method would restore that country's wounded pride by putting it ahead of China, USA, Britain and Russia, it would still lose out to the Bahamas, which scored an excellent 6 medals per million population. (Other islands do well, with Jamaica scoring 3.9 and New Zealand 2.25.)

The official table of winners is here.


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  1. Interesting that the “official” table is sorted according to gold medals rather than by total medals. Australian officials are already bemoaning poor performance in certain sports. We expected to do better in cycling, but won some medals that we hadn’t “counted” on.

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