By The Sea is available in print

Promo_2839972 I am alerted by my friend and colleague Henry Gee to an important new publishing event:

"Horrific bereavement has forced Detective Inspector Persephone Sheepwool to leave London and make a new life on the remote North Norfolk coast. But horror is never far behind, as she discovers when a body is found at a museum in a decaying clifftop mansion whose shadowy staff is dedicated to discovering the secrets of the sea. Investigating the death, Sheepwool finds that some secrets are probably best left submerged. Trouble is, even the most deeply submerged secrets have a nasty way of oozing to the surface."

Such is Henry's description of By The Sea, his mystery/crime novel, now available via Lulu for £6.99 as a print edition. (The book was previously published in online installments at LabLit, the forum for the culture of science in fiction and fact).

Henry blogs at Nature Network (The End of the Pier Show) and at Ernest Scribbler.