SOS from reader of W J Burley

Here is an SOS from the RecArts mystery group, by "Diana":

"I have just finished reading W. J. Burley's novel "Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death".  If anyone here has read this can you enlighten me.  "Who did it?" …… the story goes back one or two generations;  it involves three brothers and at the end of the story two are dead;  one has been murdered, and the other is suicide???  A murdered wife from aeons ago is included in the plot, and on it goes. If you have read this novel perhaps you can tell me the answer.  Did the sister do the dirty deed or was it the brother? This is not an author that I have read very much of so not familiar with the style."

I have read and very much enjoyed all the Wycliffe books, but I can't answer the question because I can't remember the book in sufficient detail. Unfortunately for the questioner, at time of writing nobody else in the group has answered either, possibly because the questioner made the fatal flaw of asking another, far easier to answer, question: "Also, anyone here  have recommendations for murder/mystery authors please? I usually enjoy authors whose origins/plots/locations are in the United Kingdom."

Authors recommended in subsequent replies are: Stephen Booth, Mark Billingham, Val McDermid, Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin, John Baker, Reginald Hill, Martin Edwards, Colin Dexter, Simon Kernick, Denise Mina, Ann Cleeves…and many others.

The question/answer format of the RecArts mystery group is very messy. The recent service called FriendFeed is much better for this purpose. Anyone can ask a question directly onto the web page, and answers are both easily made and captured directly below the question in a neat format. Here's a FriendFeed crime and mystery group I set up, anyone interested in crime fiction is more than welcome to join.