5: Sun Storm

Larsson My fifth book-review retrospective is from February, and my choice is Sun Storm by Asa Larsson. The full review of this haunting novel is here.

“Rebecka Martinsson is a struggling young lawyer, working insanely long hours to get a foot on the ladder, despite an unsympathetic boss and a corporate environment as cold as the Swedish seasons. She sees on the TV news that an Victor Strandgard, an old friend has been murdered in Kiruna, a remote village in the north. Before she can assimilate this information, she is phoned by a “Moomin troll”, otherwise known as Sanna, the dead man’s sister, prime suspect for the murder, and Rebecka’s ex-flatmate and ex-best friend.

Rebecka is forced to jeopardise her shaky career to return to her roots in Kiruna, the place where she grew up, made her childhood mistakes, and began her involvement with the oppressive church group of which Victor was a leading light.”