A matter of taste

So you thought the parents of Sunday Rose and Apple didn’t show much sympathy for the person being so named? According to a post on the Times Alpha Mummy blog, these are the ten strangest baby monikers that the authors of a new book on the subject could find:

10: Fat Meat Fields

9: Geography Bryan

8: Zero Pie

7: Cylinder Klinefelter

6: Nice Veal

5: Cylclops Walthour

4: Envy Burger

3: Cancer Grindstaff

2: Young Boozer

1: Dracula Taylor

Bad Baby Names by Michael Sherrod and Matthew Rayback is published by Ancestry.co.uk, priced £4.99

I don’t know if I can honestly believe that people would call their children by these names. I hope, for the sake of the innocent, that the book is a joke. However, the day after this Times post, the same blog reported that a nine-year-old girl called Talula does the Hula from Hawaii was made a ward of court so she could change her name, apparently to “K”. The judge said “The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child’s parents have show in choosing this name…It makes a fool of the child and set her up with a social disability…” The judge also attacked other strange names, such as Number 16 Bus Shelter, Violence, and Benson and Hedges (the last two for a pair of twins). Dilbert’s take on this particular story is here.

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2 thoughts on “A matter of taste

  1. I liked the actor Jason Lee, right up until he named his kid Pilot Inspektor. I’m surprised that didn’t make the top ten list!

  2. I read this today and could not believe some of the outrageous names these poor children were saddled with. A friend of mine married a policeman named Robin – his surname was Beak. WHY do parents to these daft things.
    I used to go to school with a girl called Pat Basham

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