There’s no place like home

Via Dave Lull, here is an extract from a post by Roy Peter Clark on his experiences of having his newspaper’s copyediting outsourced to India:

” I need copy editors to know that Eva Longoria is not the wife of Tampa Bay Rays baseball phenom Evan Longoria.  I need them to know that a Florida cracker is not something you eat, and that it may or may not be offensive to some readers. I need a Rhode Island copy editor to know that you don’t dig for clams; you dig for quahogs, a word of Indian origin — American Indian. I need copy editors who know that Jim Morrison of The Doors went to St. Pete Junior College, that beat writer Jack Kerouac died in St. Petersburg, Fla., but is buried in Lowell, Mass. I want them to know that Lakewood High School is different from Lakewood Ranch High School. I want them to know that 54th Avenue North in St. Petersburg is 108 blocks north of 54th Avenue South.”

My sympathies.  The fact that these copyeditors are apparently trained in “the Queen’s English” does not mean that they’d have done any better with text for an English English publication, either.

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