Sunday Salon: The Dirty Secrets Club

TSSbadge3 Imagine being a rich, successful person, top of your game in sports, medicine, television or the law. But you have a secret from your past. Something cruel you might have done when you were too young to know better. Or something extremely kinky that you did for kicks. What would you do to keep your secret safe?

Let’s not stop there, or anywhere near it. Life at the top can be oh-so-dull, so imagine spicing it up with a dangerous, exclusive club – so exclusive that each person knows the identities of only one or two of the other members. To join, you have to prove that you have a very dirty secret. To advance through the ranks, you have to perform a risky task, progressively getting more reckless and life-threatening as you achieve the highest status and a black diamond.

Such is the background of Meg Gardiner’s thrilling new novel, The Dirty Secrets Club.”  (continued here.)

My review of this exciting book is published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Archived version of the complete review is here). As well as being an author of bestselling books, Meg also writes the very funny blog Lying for a Living, where she also posts her events schedule and news about her books. Her posts about The Dirty Secrets Club are here.