Ruins of midnight; echoes from the dead

“A fast-paced, strong police-procedural in the tradition of Ed McBain or Peter Turnbull, Colin Campbell’s first novel THROUGH THE RUINS OF MIDNIGHT slips down a treat.”

That was my take on the book: for my complete review, see Euro Crime.

The other book I reviewed this week is a “bit special”, I think– the birth of a stellar talent. The author is Johan Theorin, the book ECHOES FROM THE DEAD. My Euro Crime review is up, and here is an extract:

“Julia’s gradual emergence into life and self-determination, caused by the therapy of the remote island, away from contemporary pressures, and her rediscovery of her own past via her father’s friends and acquaintances, are very moving. We wish for her to find some happiness in her life when she begins to take tentative steps towards romance with the local policeman Lennert, who turns out himself to have a personal tragedy closely connected with Nils. I loved the character of Gerlof: his refusal to conform to expectations in his dealings with old age, infirmity and independence; his reflections of the changes on the island since the ship and fishing industry was at its height; and his stubborn ways of pursuing his investigations on his own terms, only revealing his thoughts when he is good and ready.”

But never mind all that, just read the book. It is brilliant.

4 thoughts on “Ruins of midnight; echoes from the dead

  1. The Theorin sounds like it’s my kind of book! Now I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. I hope you can get it in Australia, Helen. Sometimes when I look up books that you, Karen, Kerrie or “Crime Down Under” review, I find I can’t get them over here, which is frustrating, to say the least! One day…..

  3. I agree everything about this book is superb, characters especially old Gerlof, atmosphere location and plot.
    You have a real treat awaiting you Helen.

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