Sunday Salon: Friendfeed reading group

TSSbadge3 For a few weeks, I have been checking out FriendFeed, a newish service which is easy to use: you can do lots of things, for example post links to articles you’ve read to share with others, and say whether or not you liked them, too, if you want. In addition, the user interface sure beats the commenting system on most blogging platforms, as once you are a member of FriendFeed (a Google application) you don’t have to authenticate yourself every time you want to comment on someone’s blog post, or use anti-spam codes (which often take several goes to get right, if your eyes are like mine). As well as posting links and commenting on them, you can import your blog and other Internet subscriptions (eg Twitter, Flickr) into FriendFeed, so all your related Internet activity is in one place.

FriendFeed also features “rooms”, for people who share interests. I have just set up a room for people who like reading crime and mystery fiction. If this sounds like you, please do check it out*; I hope you will join the group. I look forward to seeing you there for some discussions about books, questions related to the genre, and so on.

Friendfeed crime and mystery fiction group (click on the link).

* But you won’t be the first: Norm, of Crime Scraps and of legendary detective skills, gets the prize for first to spot the group, about 10 seconds after I set it up.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Friendfeed reading group

  1. Maxine, just what I need, another online group to join 😉 but join I shall, of course. This and the Sunday Salon group.

  2. Thanks for the invite you mailed: not sure I need another internet distraction. I can barely keep up with maintaining my blog, let alone reading and commenting on other blogs! Doesn’t help that my internet access is quite limited these days. But if I find time I’ll check out Friend Feed! Cheers. 😉

  3. Maxine, I am not sure if my alacrity in accepting your invitation is a comment on my restricted life in front of the computer or on Devon’s horrible weather at the moment. I did actually get a bit of gardening done between the rain storms.

  4. I had this sinking feeling when “invited” to join FriendFeed, but in the event it has made everything so much easier to manage. It is worth dipping a toe in, as it is certainly a much better way to comment on blogs than going to each one and fighting with all the different anti-spam systems.

  5. Oh my goodness – I’ve just found another incredibly addictive site! Where have I been that I haven’t found this yet? Ooohhh, I’m very intrigued!

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