Jeff Marks on Anthony Boucher

It is a while since I read the Dorothy L mail list: I have not read it since I started this blog, in fact (there is only time for so much). But it was there that I first heard of "the Boucheron", the main US mystery convention, gradually discovering that it is named after a man called Anthony Boucher. At that time (2005), a DorothyL-er called Jeff Marks was writing a book, "the ultimate resource on Anthony Boucher, critic, editor, translator, writer, and scriptwriter. So many people know of Bouchercon today, but few know of the man behind the World Mystery Conference." So I got to read a bit about Jeff's progress — I think we even exchanged a few emails about it. Well, I am delighted to say that the book is now out.

"Anthony Boucher: A Biobibliography is the first book to look at the life and career of the 20th century's most influential mystery and suspense critic. Along with his mystery criticism, Boucher was known for starting The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, writing seven novels, and writing the radio plays for Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen."

See more about the book at Jeff's website, and buy it (and others!) via his online bookstore.