London as a thermal city

IR_1356 I read today about Thermal Cities, London, a gallery of images of London from space, the air, or just from some high-up building. You can see lots of lovely images, and read more about the project and how the images were created, here and on the other bits of the thermal cities website, which is apparently due to have a lot more pictures uploaded into it. From the "about" page of the website, the aim is: "To look at London from a FRESH! (Thermal) perspective. Had the idea of borrowing and experimenting with a state of the art thermal imaging camera, out and about in London, to see if anything interesting could be captured and then presented on a non-engineering website." You can see thermal images of animals in London Zoo, people, transport, patterns and the alarming category of "experiments", as well as being able to download screensavers and the like.