Sunday Salon: Shadow Walker reaches the USA

Sunday Salon Dave Lull has alerted me to Publishers Weekly's(16 June 2008, page 35)  starred review of The Shadow Walker, by Michael Walters, to be published in the USA in August by Berkley Prime Crime ($14 paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-425-22233-1).  The PW review:

"Set in Mongolia, Walters's riveting first novel opens with a slew of murders investigated by a local policeman, Nergui, and a visiting British police inspector, Drew McLeish. The bloody nature of the murders makes them suspect a serial killer, but when a member of Nergui's staff joins the list of victims, the case becomes more complex. Traveling to a tourist camp during the investigation into the dead cop's background, the two detectives are confronted with a double murder. Suddenly, political or business motivations for the carnage come to the fore. A kidnapping starts the clock ticking toward a thrilling conclusion in a spooky abandoned factory. Throughout, the mysterious Nergui, who has a possible spy background, and the stoic McLeish make for a potent and exciting team. The evocative descriptions of modern Mongolia create a unique backdrop for a suspenseful mystery full of misdirection and terror."

I thoroughly enjoyed The Shadow Walker, and its even-better sequel, The Adversary. My reviews of these books, which are already published in the UK, can be seen at the Euro Crime links in the preceding sentence. US-based readers are in for a treat.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out for SHADOWWALKER! I’m excited to read the Adversary when it comes out over here as well–a treat for sure!

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