Ute fiction, Holden style

As part of a discussion about How To Reduce Your Petrol Spend To Zero Overnight, a post at Henry Gee's blog The End of the Pier Show, I commented:

"All good Australian crime fiction has a ute in it somwhere." (Thinking, Peter Temple, Adrian Hyland, etc). To which Henry replied: 

"The Ute must be the updated version of the Holden Pickup (unless the two are consanguineous simultaneous the same thing), as in this extract:

Bruce Strayne walked into the bar. There she was—Sheila—the girl of his dreams, the mata hari of Wagga Wagga, looking like a million dollars. “What kept you, Richard Bruce?” she said. Her teeth were like stars (they came out at night). She had the voice of a buzz-saw and the smoker’s cough of a ‘57 Holden Pickup.

From Picnic at Hanging Participle by Adelaide Brisbane, reproduced without permission."

Just as well I didn't mention the footy, then.

9 thoughts on “Ute fiction, Holden style

  1. The origins of the Australian ute allegedly go back to 1932 in Geelong Victoria, at the Ford Factory
    Is one version of the story – and that’s the one I remember by Grandfather explaining when I was a young child and we’d gone to pick up yet another ute in a long line of Holden, Ford and Vanguard utes for the farm.
    The Deniliquin Ute Muster http://www.deniutemuster.com.au/ has to be seen to be believed 🙂
    For the rest of the great article

  2. The ute is, indeed, an Australian invention. Did you know there is even a magazine devoted to it: http://www.australianute.com.au/about.htm
    Also numerous books, of which my Other Half has several, although for the life of me I can’t find them now to tell you the titles. I’m sure you can probably google them!

  3. Thanks, Kim — yes I knew it was an Australian invention, and now I know more about it than I ever could have imagined! What with yours and Karen C’s magazines, I am replete with utinformation.

  4. After “She looked like a million dollars” I’d meant to type “(all green and wrinkled)” but this somehow disappeared in the wash, and NN doesn’t let you edit your comments, as you know.

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