When falls the Coliseum

Via Scott Stein:

"When Falls the Coliseum is now live. Let’s consider this a “soft launch.” We’ll still be adding some graphics in the coming weeks and working out any remaining bugs (if there are any), but our contributors are now invited to post entries and we welcome any readers who have the misfortune of stumbling upon our pages."

Contributors include Frank Wilson, Katie Haegerle, Scott Stein, and others. "Welcome to When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof). This site can best be described as a conversation about America. A sometimes loud conversation. An often funny one. And, some might be bold enough to suggest, an important one. We are not that bold. It would be pretentious to claim that this conversation is the voice of America. It would also be inaccurate, implying that America speaks with one voice. The writers of When Falls the Coliseum certainly do not. The disclaimer, “Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor” has perhaps never been more appropriate. Be warned that free speech is the guiding principle of this site. Contributors with very different perspectives have been recruited, and humor and debate are to be found here in abundance. About the only speech prohibited by When Falls the Coliseum is boring speech. We hope our readers will get in on the action and comment on blog posts and articles. A few arguments might ensue, but at least no punches will be thrown."