Frank Wilson and Nigel Beale

On Dave Lull's, Frank Wilson's and Debra Hamel’s several recommendations, I’ve just listened to a podcast conversation between Frank and Nigel Bealeof Note Bene books (posted by Nigel as part of the Sunday Salon). What a wonderful conversation, and a lovely, apt description of the power, value and pleasure of blogging from Frank. He was too kind about me, but his comments are much appreciated.

More importantly, I think that the comments Frank makes about the way in which blogs allow people with common interests to interact, and to know the perspective of events in other parts of the world from those parts, are so true. I’ve learned a great deal about reading, writing and all kinds of things since I started blogging, mainly from blogs like Frank’s and from people with his attitude. (One or two veils need to be drawn, but not many.)  In the podcast, Frank describes how he started blogging; how blogging and his role as Book Review Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer interacted; the advantage of some blogs compared with some other 'mainstream' news outlets; and recommends some book- and culture-themed blogs to read. Well worth a listen.