Sunday Salon: murder farm; blood spilt

Sunday SalonThis week sees the publication in the English language of The Murder Farm, a book by Andrea Maria Schenkel which has won awards in Germany. My take on the book is up today at Euro Crime: "I was going to begin my review by remarking that this creepy little book is the IN COLD BLOOD of this century, but a glance at the blurb shows me that the publisher thought of it first. THE MURDER FARM is a complete dissection of the events surrounding a murder, but is also a rhythmic, ritualised poem conveying the seething emotions involved. " Read on!

From Petrona on 16 May: "If you are in the UK on June 3rd make a date in your diary to come along to see Andrea Maria Schenkel At The Goethe Institute. Andrea Maria Schenkel is appearing on stage with Anthea Bell, the translator, at 7.00pm on Tuesday, 3rd June. They will do readings and then be interviewed by Peter Guttridge. They will then take questions.Admission is free.The Goethe Institute is at 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Rd., London SW7,Tel: 0207 596 4000. Andrea has won the German Krimi Preis for both The Murder Farm (now published by Quercus) and Ice Cold, an unprecedented achievement. She topped the German bestseller lists for many weeks with these two books." I'm going to be there, so look forward to seeing you if you can come along, too.

Also posted today at Euro Crime is my review of The Blood Spilt, Asa Larsson's excellent follow-up to her impressive debut novel Sun Storm (The Savage Altar in the UK). From my review: "THE BLOOD SPILT is an utterly absorbing portrait of the lives, attitudes and culture of the village and its inhabitants. Mildred comes to life in the pages; her story in the end is a tragic one, of passion and of opportunities lost not just for her but for those she knew and tried to help, whether or not they wanted to accept it. The observations and atmosphere are so well presented by this sensitive author and her translator." Read the whole review here.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: murder farm; blood spilt

  1. Wow. Murder Farm sounds interesting. But maybe a little too grim for my tastes, not sure. It sounds like it may not always be clear what part of the story is fictionalized and what not.

  2. It was a bit grim and bleak for mine, too, Debra. But so short you can read it in an hour or so.

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