Grammar alert for The Sigil

My friend and colleague Henry Gee (End of the Pier Show blog) writes:

A draft of Scourge of Stars, Book Two of The Sigil, is available here for those who wish to comment, either here or offline (all comments gratefully received, irrespective of the means of transmission).
It’s probably full of holes and typos, but I can’t bring myself to look at it again – at least, not until I’ve had a go at the final instalment. I hope to be able to post that in a couple of weeks.
For those who missed Book One, you can download it here.
The usual parental advisories apply. If reading explicit accounts of sex, violence and religion is not to your taste, then this isn’t for you.
WARNING: May Contain Adjectives

2 thoughts on “Grammar alert for The Sigil

  1. “WARNING: May Contain Adjectives”
    Genuinely laughing out loud here, Maxine. Thanks 🙂

  2. ‘explicit accounts of sex, violence and religion..’ Don’t think I’d be interested in that sort of thing at all, thanks very much for the warning. 🙂
    Just feel the need to check it out, though, to see how explicit…

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