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Via Information wants to be free (a "library 2.0" blog, if I may characterise it thus), I learn of a project to improve our blog citizenship. Apparently it is considered bad form to be a blogger but not to comment or track comments. Therefore, a "comment challenge" has been set up.  

"We would like to challenge participants to be better blog citizens tracking who is the commenter with:

  • The most comments on a wide range of blogs (not just the “top” edubloggers)
  • The most high quality comments that thoughtfully reflect on the topic
  • The comments that provoke and promote the most learning
  • And one more – we need your input! add to the activities page please."

Lots more at the link, which is also a wiki, so very collaborative. The whole thing is sponsored by "co-comment", an RSS-based comment tracker service. I tried it on two or three separate occasions before giving up on it. Basically the idea is that co-comment is a website that tracks all the conversations you are having in the blogosphere, so you can participate more efficiently. It didn't work for me, though, as the site was often down and the number of blog platforms that were supported was not great. Sometimes I would go to the co-comment page and it hadn't updated for days or weeks (not much use at blogosphere pace).  I might give it another go, in case it has improved, though I have found various "workarounds" (to use a technical term in regular use in my circles) to the problem in the interim. 
If the idea appeals, May has been designated the "31 day comment challenge" in which you are asked to undertake "focused commenting to become a better blog citizen, actively participating in conversations and sharing your learning."

2 thoughts on “Become a better blog citizen

  1. Thanks for the link Maxine. An interesting blog. The next posting about conferences and fees was interesting too

  2. I agree that blog commenting is an important part of being a blogger – it’s all about two-way communication and that’s why we blog right? Thanks for the link – I’m off to check it out.

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