Some reviews of recent crime fiction

In one of the comments to my previous post, Kerrie mentioned that she finds not many crime-fiction books reviewed in the Sunday Salon group. I'll mention a few recent reviews here that I've read over the past few days, although knowing Kerrie she's probably read not only the reviews but the books as well! Here goes:
Random Jottings reviews R D Wingfield's Killing Frost (last of an excellent series), Reginald Hill's A Cure for all Diseases, and The Death Pictures by Simon Hall. I could be wrong here, but I don't think I've heard of Simon Hall before, and his books sound well worth a try from what Elaine (of Random Jottings) writes. The publisher, Accent books, also sounds like the kind of publisher I'd like to support — this is how Accent's founder, Hazel, describes herself: "I'm the mother of triplets, manage my own publishing company, Accent Press and live in a lovely old school, at the top of a valley, in Wales. Previously I've been a jeweller, worked on cruise ships, in the Duty Free industry and run an organic wine business. I've lived in the US, Indonesia, Middle East and France. I guess it was time to settle down! Life is busier than ever running our own company but it's also enormous fun – I finally seem to have grown up and found out what I want to be……".
(Elaine, incidentally, has also recently seen the film The Golden Compass and asks for opinions on the film vs the book, if anyone wants to pop over.)
Musings from a Muddy Island posts an early review of Martin Edwards's latest, Waterloo Sunset: "The pace is well judged throughout – it has its breathless, nail-biting moments and more than one dramatic, revelatory climax near the end, but these are interspersed with pauses for reflection – so it manages to be a page-turner while still allowing the reader to breathe normally part of the time." I've read this book too, as it happens, and highly recommend it. 
Crime Scraps reviews Manhattan Nocturne by Colin Harrison, an author new to Petrona: strong medicine indeed from the sounds of it, which Norman sums up as "a very gripping read with some memorable characters and a well thought out plot which is entirely believable knowing the foibles of human nature".
International Noir Fiction tackles Camilla Lackberg's The Ice Princess, which I haven't read but am certainly planning to. The review compares the setting with the reviewer's own experiences of Sweden, and of other crime fiction from the region. Glenn's opinion of Ice Princess is mixed, but he feels the author has captured "both the dark underside and the real daily life of her fictionalized village". I'll certainly be reading this book at some point.

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  1. Simon Hall had passed me by until recently – I spotted his book in Murder One. I’ve now added him to the website database and got The Death Pictures out of the library.

  2. Thanks for the links Maxine. More interesting reading. Through a reference in Martin Edwards’ blog I also found Books to the Ceiling-
    My RSS list is getting very long and at some stage I must add them all to my blogs to watch.

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