Charles Darwin forges ahead

I'm continuing to enjoy Charles Darwin's blog. Here's a current example:

"Huxley did much to establish science as an independent profession here and had an unforgiving tongue: when my persistent critic Bishop Soapy Sam Wilberforce was thrown from his horse and killed by a head injury Huxley commented: ‘For once, reality and his brain came into contact and the result was fatal.’ He made the comment to the physicist John Tyndall who had nothing to say about the gravity of the accident."

Mr Darwin is also now venturing out on Nature Network, commenting on others' blog posts and providing clarification on important matters such as the apparent inconsistency between his early religious belief and his ideas on evolution:

"I was, as I wrote in my autobiography, quite orthodox on matters of theology until I spent five years being seasick on HMS Beagle. It was not merely the earthquake at Chiloe, the Galapagos hummingbirds, it was five years hurling over the side of the ship and groaning ‘oh God!’ with no result."

I highly recommend signing up to Mr Darwin's blog, educational and very, very funny.

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