Gallows Lane and The Pool of Unease

Two of my reviews were posted at Euro Crime on Sunday – both excellent books. Gallows Lane is Brian McGilloway's follow-up to his powerful debut, Borderlands (which, incidentally, has just been reviewed on Crime Scene NI). From my review:

"GALLOWS LANE may take only a couple of hours to read: it is an absorbing, satisfying book that delivers on all its plot promises; provides a strong sense of humanity; and leaves the reader looking forward to more."

My other assignment, self-awarded in this case, was Pool of Unease by Catherine Sampson which as well as featuring series regular, TV journalist Robin Ballantyne, introduces a new character, Song, an ex-cop-turned-PI, and a new milieu, China. As I put it:

"Catherine Sampson now lives in Beijing, and her first-hand experience is woven into this very vivid account of a country in the midst of upheaval. She conveys so well what it must be like to live there if one is not one of the favoured Communist party few; how people struggle to survive in a place where wages are virtually non-existent, families live several to a room and share bathroom facilities with the rest of the street; and where nobody is sure who is watching them."

I learn from Euro Crime herself, Karen Meek, that Catherine Sampson's next book will again feature Song. Title is The Slaughter Pavilion. Can't wait. 

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