Nicci French’s online story this week

Despite the fact that I followed K. O. Dahl's posts on Moments in Crime with interest, I missed the fact that one of my favourite authors, "Nicci French" (Nicci Gerrard and Sean French) was/were guest-blogging there all last week. Oh well, never mind. However, now that I've caught up with the fact, I see that their last post (yesterday) on Moments in Crime revealed that this week, they are writing a story live, online, at the Penguin website, called Your Place and Mine. The story starts today Monday 6 April, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm (British Summer time – GMT minus one hour) and continues at the same time every day until the authors finish it on Friday – "if we don’t collapse first", they write.
Moments in Crime is the blog of St Martin's Minotaur press. If you want to read the Nicci French posts from last week, the introduction is here: you can just scroll ahead from there until you get to Barbara Fiser (and carry on reading, actually, her first post today,  A blogging librarian who kills people in her spare time, is engaging).
I have recently reviewed Nicci French's most recent books at Euro Crime: Losing You and Until It's Over. As you can see from my reviews, I highly recommend both.