Sunday Salon: Economist reviews crime fiction

Sunday SalonEven when you think you are fairly well-read in a genre, in my case crime fiction, you can discover all too readily that you aren't. This week's Economist has a round-up of reviews of recent crime-fiction books, and I've read none of them. Matt Rees's second book, The Saladin Murders, is called "outstanding".  A Vengeful Longing by R. N. Morris is "a real pleasure to read". A Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis is "an enthralling narrative", and Stratton's War by Laura Wilson (the only one of the quartet already on my list) is "enjoyable" and "intelligent".

The Economist link I've provided is to subscription-only content. If you'd like to read some open reviews of these books, I recommend Euro Crime. Here are reviews of Matt Rees's pair: The Saladin Murders and The Bethlehem Murders. Euro Crime also runs reviews of A Vengeful Longing, A Death in Vienna (UK title Fatal Lies) and links to Reviewing the Evidence's review of Stratton's War. Thanks, Karen — the Euro Crime reviews make me even more convinced that I'd enjoy these books – for as the Economist puts it: "Atmosphere is everything in crime fiction, as four new books make clear."

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  1. I can offer your readers another review of “The Bethlehem Murders” at I recommend both Rees’ novels, and I would be interested in what readers think of his technique in the second book after they’ve read the two books in order.
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