The life before her eyes

According to an email I received today from someone called Matthew Hirsch, Laura Kasischke's "ground breaking" novel The Life Before Her Eyes is now a major motion picture from Magnolia Pictures. Here's the book's blurb: "This third novel by Michigan author Kasischke opens with a shocking scene from a Columbine-like school massacre. Diana and her best friend are confronted by a schoolmate killer, but only Diana is spared. Fast-forward 20 years: Diana, now middle-aged and still beautiful, is a housewife and artist living in the same idyllic university town with a handsome professor-husband and a young daughter. She has seemingly repressed her memory of the event as well as her survivor's guilt, but her perfect world and her grip on reality are both starting to crack." More about this author can be found here.

Sounds good — somewhat reminiscent of Thomas H Cook's The Murmur of Stones, perhaps. The movie is released on 18 April in Los Angeles and New York City; it is directed by Vadim Perelman and stars Uma Thurman. The IMDB entry is here.