Shakespeare games at Bantam

Via Karen of Euro Crime, I spent a happy half hour or so last night at Bantam's Shakespeare Playhouse, "home of  Shakespeare games". You can play four games: one is a SAT (Shakespeare aptitude test in case you were wondering); then there is Hamlet's duel; name that play; and what's in a name — help Juliet play a Shakespearean dating game to uncover the identity of three potential suitors. It would perhaps have been more appropriate for Portia to have been the central character in that one, methinks.
I didn't do too badly; my favourite game and the one I did best on was "name that play" from a quote — some of the quotes are obscure but you only have four plays to choose from (a different four for each quote), so you can often make an educated guess as to which is the right match. You can also do other things at the site, such as sign up for a classic Shakespeare quote of the week by email, as well as more conventional activities like buying various Shakespeare-related books or listening to a podcast discussion.
Thanks, Karen, it certainly beat doing the washing up!