Sunday Salon: this week at Euro Crime

Sunday SalonLate-breaking news: the weekly reviews are up on Euro Crime and Jo Nesbo's Nemesis (see previous post) is one of them. Fiona Walker is Euro Crime's reviewer. Her view? "….as thrilling and gripping as his previous books would lead you to hope. Harry may be your stereotypical alcoholic cop, but he still manages to feel completely original and as engaging as this kind of protagonist is able to be, which is rare, given that the genre is as saturated with them, as their blood is with alcohol."

The other reviews at Euro Crime this week include mine of two books: Martin Edwards's The Cipher Garden, a cleverly written mystery involving a small set of suspects; and Nicci French's Losing You, which I call an unbearably tense book with an overwhelmingly exciting plot. No special effects needed, either. Geoff Jones reviews Natasha Cooper's latest, A Poisoned Mind, a good story tackling social issues, although the main character seems to be somewhat beset by wimps. Ed O'Connor's Primal Cut, a slice of violent London crime, is in Sunnie Gill's frame:not a book for the faint-hearted, apparently. And Euro Crime herself, Karen Meek, reviews The Chameleon's Shadow by Minette Walters, described as a gripping read by a master story-teller.

There's a nice new feature at Euro Crime: at the end of each review are links to details of the author's other books, and to other Euro Crime reviews.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: this week at Euro Crime

  1. I am really going to have to get over my antipathy towards Nikki French. She/he was my ex’s favourite author. I really shouldn’t let that count against them.

  2. Maybe you could try Nicci Gerard’s (the “she” of the collaboration)’s books, Ann? They are fantastic– at least, the first two of the three so far written. I haven’t read the third yet. They are more domestic and intimate than the collaborations, perhaps more “mainstream” than “crime” fiction. I think they are superb.
    Frumius: you are lucky, as you can read them in (approx) the right order!
    Karen: well, ideas are cheap! I think it is a great feature and well done for doing it.

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