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Author Brian McGilloway has won all kinds of awards and plaudits for his debut novel, Borderlands — among others, it was the (tied) consensus favourite read for 2007 among Euro Crime's reviewers. His second novel, Gallows Lane (no apostrophe), is published this week and looks set to equal the success of his first (take it from me, I've read it). But can he afford to rest on his laurels? Not according to an interview on the Macmillan new writers' blog:

"What is your typical writing day?
My typical writing day starts usually around 8.30 pm. I work full time in Derry which means I leave the house at eight in the morning and get home after five most days. Having a young family, little is done about the house until after the children go to bed around eight. Then, a mug of tea, a quick check of e-mails and I get started. I write for an hour or two per day for the months during which I’m actually writing. I aim to write 1000 words per day, though frequently I manage 2500, and sometimes I struggle to make 250. I tend to write most during the summer holidays, generally late at night."

Makes you think, doesn't it?

3 thoughts on “Lifestyle of a successful author

  1. 2500 words in an hour or two is seriously impressive! Good stuff too, apparently…I’d like to rummage inside his brain to find out how he does it.

  2. Yes, indeed, Clare, I agree — when I wrote the post I was mainly thinking about how he managed to write the books while doing a 9 to 5 job as well — and does not seem to be showing signs of giving that up either. What a life. I couldn’t do it – one job is enough for me.

  3. Hi Maxine & Clare
    Thanks for your comments. Trust me – you do not want a rummage inside my brain!
    I guess in terms of writing and working, I view the writing as a hobby rather than a job – though that doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously. The process is markedly different enough from teaching too that I find it fairly relaxing to do, though it can be draining at times. It is becoming a little more difficult now, though I tend to write the books about 18 months before publication to give myself breathing space should I need it. At the minute, I’m just enjoying writing the Devlin series, and consider myself very lucky to be in a position where other people seem to enjoy reading them too.
    On that note, I hope you enjoy Gallows Lane (and thanks, Maxine, for your support for the books).
    Best wishes

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