Frank conversation with Frank Wilson

If you are in the Philadelphia area on 11 April, you are welcome to drop in for a date with Frank Wilson, the "(recently retired and much admired) book review editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and (not retired at all but much admired) proprietor of Books, Inq". The "Frank conversation with Frank" is being hosted by Scott Stein, author of Mean Martin Manning, among other books, and is at 2 pm local time, Paul Peck Center, 3142 Market St, Drexel University, Philadelphia. According to Scott, topics to be covered could include:

—Book reviewing (maybe including how books get chosen, what writers and publishers do to guarantee that they will not be reviewed, how one gets to write reviews, what pressures a book review editor faces, what makes a book reviewer good)
—The Philadelphia Inquirer (including why Frank left)
—Declining space devoted to book reviews in newspapers across the country and the future of book reviewing
—Trends in book publishing and writing
—The state of journalism
—Blogging and how blogging intersects with any and all of the above (including what some see as the conflict between professional book reviewers and lit. bloggers and between professional reporters and news bloggers).

It sounds such fun, I really wish I could be there.