One Lords’ blog to serve them all

I’m really enjoying the new House of Lords blog (Lord of the Blogs). Several peers post on the blog, but they don’t always agree or vote on the same side in debates, which makes the blog all the more fresh. It is a great way of fulfilling the Lords’ mission of greater engagement with the public, as well as a fascinating glimpse of what life as a Lord is like (not very Lloyd-Webberish, from my brief, but not brief enough, glimpses of "You can be Nancy" or whatever it is called). Back to the Lords’ blog. Here’s Lord Tyler:

"There I was, minding my own business on the long train journey from Cornwall after the Easter weekend, when my pager told me that there would be Government statement that afternoon. Nothing remarkable in that. A few minutes later a call on my mobile told me that I had to respond to it for the Lib Dems. Don’t panic!!"

Here’s Lord Lucas:

"Have just hosted the launch of, Neil Herron’s (of Metric Martyrs etc) latest campaign. Millions of motorists may feel abused, hundreds of little organisations may spring up (like the London Motorists Action Group that I chair), but it takes a national effort to raise the funds needed to challenge the rampant council illegalities in the courts."

And here’s Baroness Murphy:

"The pace of blogging is hotting up no end, I see my colleague peers are joining us and that’s great. I try to persuade as many of my colleague crossbenchers as I can, I think I got Baroness Deech hooked the other day but failed with Lord Walton, who reckons as he’s now in his late 80s its too late to learn to use a keyboard. But I have lots of friends in late old age who find e-mail and the net a crucial tool for keeping in touch. I’ll keep working on him…"

It’s a scream. (As well as a truly great initiative.) Do sign up!

Make your nominations for Crimefest awards

If you are attending Crimefest this year, and I hope you are because I shall be there, you can now vote for the Crimefest awards. Until 25 April you can send in nominations for the Last Laugh award for the best British humorous crime novel published in 2007; and, on the same deadline, you can vote from a longlist for the Audible Sounds of Crime award. (Details for both available at this link.)