Uses of blogging: personal and professional

James Long writes on The Digitalist, the Pan Macmillan digital publishing blog:

"Michael and I have been talking through ideas for posts on this blog about blogging itself. These discussions range quite widely and you can expect some challenging words from Michael in due course.
I had a strong feeling, however, that I wanted to start the discussion around the theme of the uses of blogging – by which I mean the actual practical uses that people put this radically accessible self-publishing platform to. And my mind settled easily on Maxine Clarke, who is a friend and colleague at Nature Publishing Group, and with whom I’ve had a blogging connection for over two years now, as representative of this theme……
….Maxine has found a number of uses for blogging, and kindly agreed to write an article for The Digitalist, describing these uses, both in her personal and her work life.
In the first part of her article, Maxine highlights how book blogging has enriched her reading life; in the second part, she outlines some of the constructive uses of blogging in her professional capacity."

Well, what are you waiting for? 😉 I’d be delighted if you’d care to visit the Digitalist to read my article, featuring the left and right-hand sides of my personality.