Ritual and The Pure in Heart reviewed

Books reviewed by me on Euro Crime this week:

"Maxine Clarke gives the thumbs up to Ritual by Mo Hayder in which series character Jack Caffrey moves to Bristol (NB the home of Crimefest in June);

Maxine’s working her way through Susan Hill’s Simon Serrailler series, in time for the new one in June, and sends on her review of the second in the series, The Pure in Heart."

From my review of Ritual: "Part of the pleasure of this thrilling book is the plot – trying to work out how all the threads will be connected – and pace; but another excellent aspect is how the author so well conveys the inner lives of her characters."

And The Pure in Heart: "The menace is palpable, the psychology of the characters is told with insight, and the book is extremely readable."

Other books reviewed on Euro Crime this week are: R. S. Downie’s Ruso and the Demented Doctor, reviewed by Pat Austin; Terry Halligan on To Kill or Cure by Susanna Gregory; and Mike Ripley on Laura Wilson’s well-received Stratton’s War.

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