Sunday salon: becoming a book reviewer


If you live in the UK and are interested in book reviewing, take a look at the reviews page of Euro Crime. Karen, who runs the website, is looking to recruit more reviewers, particularly those who "enjoy the Da Vinci Code/Sam Bourne type of book, psychological crime and also the noir end of the crime spectrum."  Karen can provide plenty of publishers’ review copies of books in these and other genres. She writes: "if you’re in the UK and fancy reviewing the occasional (or more!) book, do pop over to the website, have a look round and drop me an email. (NB. Euro Crime just covers British and European crime fiction.) If you’re outside the UK and would like to help out on the reviews page by reviewing your own books then please do get in touch."

Karen has also given the Euro Crime blog, on which she provides weekly links to new reviews and daily snippets of eurocrime-related news, a makeover. One new resource that I find excellent is the "Crime in translation" sidebar on the right. Each link takes you to a page of authors, bibliographies and reviews for books in French, German, Italian, Scandinavian, Spanish and more European crime fiction — a very rich source of reading recommendations, complete with useful reviews. Here is an opinion of the site, with which I strongly concur, from author Martin Edwards: "for up to date news on ‘Eurocrime’, and much more, you can’t do better than take a look at Karen Meek’s excellent blog and website of that name. Because they were set up by someone with a passion for the subject, they exemplify internet resources at their best, with commentary that is both insightful and highly informative."