Festival of the social sciences, from today

Via Ian Hocking of one of Petrona’s favourite blogs, This Writing Life (note, new URL):

"As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 7th –16th March, Intute: Social Sciences is featuring a series of articles by our subject editors presenting their favourite blogs."

Intute: Social Sciences is a focus of web resources for education and research for the social sciences, including law, business, hospitality, sport and tourism. I’m more of a basic sciences person myself (for this area, you can’t beat the blogs, forums, event notifications and conversations on Nature Network, where I’m a regular participant). But this festival seems a good opportunity to find out about the blogging world of the social scientists. "Visit each day during the festival and you will find a new article picking out some favourite blogs", goes the invitation, and visitors are welcome to join the conversation and tell the social science community about their own favourites.

Welcome to Haikugirl

Dotonbori_small A friend and colleague is leaving work today to move to Japan to teach English — because she loves Japan and Japanese culture. She has a blog, Haikugirl, where she’ll be writing about her experiences, so do check it out. Apart from reading some Haikus and observing the inability of MySpace, WordPress, my RSS reader et al. to cope with Kanji and other characters, I learnt something about 3 March:

"In Japan, today is known as  ‘Hinamatsuri‘ (雛祭り) (Doll’s Festival), or ‘Girl’s Day’.  It is also sometimes known as ‘Momo no sekku’ (Peach Festival) because of the peach blossom season. On this day, families in Japan pray for happiness and success for the girls in their family, and also to ward off evil spirits." I think we need something like this in the West: we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but as my daughters have more than once pointed out, we don’t have Children’s Day (or Teen’s Day, even, if we are thinking of warding off evil spirits. Not that any teens I know personally would need such a prayer.).