Sunday Salon: a quartet of reviews

Sunday_salon_2 I have four book reviews to share with salonists today, published at Euro Crime this and last weekend. Two of the books echo real life in ways not envisaged by their authors– or at least, not quite so soon.

First is Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid: "the pages flash by as the suspense mounts – despite the slightly mass-produced feel to the book, it is certainly a thrilling read." Second is Meltdown by Martin Baker, a less good book, about a (to my dull brain) unnecessarily convoluted plot to take down the world’s financial markets. See both these reviews at the links provided for the specifics of the "fact meets fiction" aspects.

My other reviews are of a debut thriller called Requiem by Jack Ross (has potential but work needed), and finally, my favourite of this bunch, The Scent of the Night by Andrea Camilleri, one of the wonderful Montalbano Sicily police-procedural series (listed in reading order here, with links to reviews of the other books) that convey so well the heart of this beautiful but damaged country. (My description is not a direct quote but is borrowed from the peerless Italian criministo, Norman Price at Crime Scraps.) There is a biography of the author, Camilleri, here (link courtesy of Euro Crime).

If anyone has the time to read these reviews, and the inclination to comment, I would really appreciate your feedback. Do they help you to decide whether to read the book? Any suggestions for how they might be improved? I am getting quite into the swing of writing book reviews now, so your views on them will be very helpful in my development as a reviewer. (My reviews written to date are collected here.)