Uncle Vanya at the Rose Theatre

Vanya372 The picture (credit: Guardian) shows Michelle Dockery as Yelena and Neil Pearson as Dr Astrov in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, the inaugural production at Kingston’s Rose Theatre, where I have just spent Saturday afternoon.

The production is absolutely wonderful – every actor is fantastic, the translation naturalistic, and the play even more powerful than I remember. I was moved to tears by Sonia’s closing speech, which, according to the programme notes, Rachmaninov found so poignant that he set these poetic last words straight to music.

There are glowing reviews of the production, which will tour the country for 8 weeks after the Kingston run, here at the Guardian, here at the Telegraph, and here at the Times.

In all honesty I could not single out any of the actors in the ensemble cast for special praise, but I was thrilled to see Neil Pearson, one of my very favourite actors, on stage, playing the prescient environmentalist Astrov, energetically warning against man’s destruction of the climate and ecosystems. As he is sporting a beard for the duration, I am sure regular readers will understand my choice of picture.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Vanya at the Rose Theatre

  1. I have a booked a ticket for the Bath visit earlier this afternoon, so in two weeks’ time I will be able to enjoy it myself.
    Thanks for the write up.
    I notice from Googling that the theatre in Kingston is a new one.

  2. Yes, Crime Fic, it has been an extremely long haul — with no lottery or arts council funding — still some way to go.
    The theatre is modelled on the Elizabethan Rose.
    This production is fantastic. So glad you are going.

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