Periodic table printmaking project

Periodictable_2 Via The Great Beyond:

This lovely montage is part of the 2007 periodic table of the elements printmaking project — where science meets art. "Ninety-six printmakers of all experience levels, have joined together to produce 118 prints in any medium; woodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, or any combination. The end result is a periodic table of elements intended to promote both science and the arts." I strongly  recommend a visit to see the display in all its glory: it really is gorgeous. Every element is displayed as a print, and you can click on any of the images on the site to read the artists’ statements. See here for the rules and guidelines given to the artists. The project also has a Flickr group.

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  1. My favourite is Ununpentium – beautiful one like squid intertwining. This reminds me of a question someone asked me once – which element are you?

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