Sunday Salon: end of January

Sunday_salon_4 I’ve very much enjoyed the books I’ve read in my week of reading, 21-27 January.

First, I finished The Butterfly Effect by Pernille Rygg, a lean, mean and excellent example of Norwegian noir, with the added bonus (for me) of a female detective/main character. The book is so good that I immediately ordered the second (and so far as I know, only other title) in the series. Review to come.

After that, I read the second Simon Serrailler book by Susan Hill, The Risk Of Darkness, about a child abduction. I was slightly put off reading this by the awful event at the end of book one. But the sequel was so exciting, tense and chilling that I immediately had to read the next Serrailler book, The Pure in Heart (already on my shelf), which was even better — and if there was another one I would have started that, too.

Unfortunately there isn’t another Serrailler book quite yet, so this morning I’ve begun Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid, which is (as expected) good so far. This title is one of her Tony Hill (psychological profiler) stories, so I recommend the earlier ones in that series before starting on this one, based on what I have read so far, as Beneath the Bleeding will work better if you know the main characters.

The total number of books I’ve bought or had delivered this week remains classified information, but if anyone is looking for an exciting adventure series to recommend to an almost-teenage or teenage reader, I am observing reading obsession currently being applied to the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. There are ten of these exciting books out so far, with more on the way.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: end of January

  1. Sounds like Scandinavia is a good stimulus for crime-writing. I wonder what it is – the light, the climate or the Scandinavian temperament which I remember reading once tends to be gloomy. I think I might have some Nordic blood in me.

  2. I like that you keep this information classified! Sometimes it’s best.
    I’ve really enjoyed the Val McDermid’s I’ve read. (I haven’t been there in a while, by the way, but when I was I really loved her web site: it’s got typing noises!)

  3. It’s sometime since I read any of Val McDermid’s Hill novels. I really need to go back and check which I have read and which I need to catch up on. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere, do you know?

  4. Yes, Ann — If you click on the link at Val McDermid’s name in my post, this will take you to Euro Crime (my favourite website)’s list of Val Mc’s books in series order plus a direct link to her author website.
    Clare, I think the good Scandianavian books are partly due to the “translation filtering effect”, ie it is so expensive and uneconomic for publishers to translate that only the ones that have gained a reputation in their native language get as far as us ignorant English-only readers. Well done to Bitter Lemon Press, Arcadia, Quercus/MacLehose, and some other presses for bringing us such a great range of authors.

  5. Late to the party as usual – but I’m pleased to see your reaction to The Butterfly Effect Maxine – mirrored mine – I thought it was fascinating mostly because of that central character. Have you noticed The Shadow on the River by Frode Grytten – that’s another book from Norway and it’s definitely going to make my tops of 2008.

  6. Thanks for the tip, Karen — will add this one to the list. I can’t understand why I waited so long to read the Butterfly Effect, in retrospect!

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