Some thoughtful posts

"Proper people in interesting situations", writes Jenny Geras, in a post about the books she likes, and why she likes them. From the post: "The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: Cardboard cut-out people in undoubtedly interesting, but utterly ridiculous, situation. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad: Proper person in really quite boring situation."

Uriah Robinson writes about hate crimes and the case against care in the community. "Disability Now, the magazine covering disability issues, has put together a dossier of what it believes are disability hate crimes."

In "Crime writing series for celebrities" Karen writes about a new TV reality show in which celebrities are taught to become crime writers. "Best-selling author Minette Walters has signed up to be a mentor on the show and will have the power to oust a celebrity at the end of each day."

"Does the news matter to anyone any more?" asks David Montgomery. "It’s strange to imagine a world in which the daily newspaper is an anachronism, but we’re fast heading in that direction." Well, " opens access to previously restricted articles" "In addition to every editorial, the site features daily columnists and video clips from the weekly WSJ TV show on Fox News Channel, plus original video. An editorial in Thursday’s Journal, said the Web site is “as close as we’ll get to conceding there is such a thing as a free lunch.” "

Here is my favourite post of recent days: "Real Life", a beautiful little essay by Susan Hill. "So much of my own real life is spent alone. Is this bad for me ? How bad ? I like my own company better than anyone else`s apart from members of my family and that is that. I can`t help it. I neither like nor dislike the people in my head. They are just there, telling me about themselves until I write it all down and then they go away."