A few new UK March hardbacks

After my recent cornucopia of April reading (here, and some more here), I was a bit nervous yesterday when three Booksellers and a Publishers’ Weekly appeared in the in-tray. One of the Booksellers was an old one, from 7 December (my April posts were based on later December issues). This one contained a list of some March new titles, but only three of them seem worth noting:

Ritual by Mo Hayder (Bantam, £14.99), welcome return for D I Jack Caffery, who featured in the first two books by this author. There is a new character, "female police diver Sergeant Flea Marley."

Blood From Stone by Frances Fyfield (Sphere, £19.99). Seems from the brief blurb to be a stand-alone, in which a successful female barrister kills herself and a colleague tries to find the reason. This author spoke eloquently at the recent Crimini launch, which made me want to revisit her books — I used to read them all a few years ago, but for some reason stopped.

Until It’s Over by Nicci French (Michael Joseph, £16.99). "Two people connected with a female courier cyclist are murdered". I don’t care what it is about, I am confident that this latest "psychological suspense" book by husband and wife Sean French and Nicci Gerard will be brilliant, as they all are.

Luckily, there were no titles in the other Booksellers that appealed to me, and I had already read online the couple of interesting articles in PW (as it calls itself nowadays).