Whose crime fiction is it, anyway?

Not content with tempting us beyond realistic reading expectations by listing upcoming Scandinavian crime novels, Karen of Euro Crime has now completed the hat trick by providing Amazon lists of French and Italian titles to be published this year [in translation]. Karen will update these lists as the year progresses and she hears of more new publications, so it is worth bookmarking them and checking back now and again.

Missed from my yesterday’s post, Mark Thwaite of the Book Depository here posts a brief review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road — a book, it seems, people either love or hate.

I may be guilty as charged but I don’t look like this ;-). Imagery apart, Declan Burke of Crime Always Pays takes issue with me about what is a "crime fiction" novel. He writes: "If a writer understands that the fictions of crime in books or movies serve as a lightning rod to the inevitable fears and paranoias of the modern world, and has wit enough to render our most primal instinct entertaining, then he or she is a crime writer and the book is a crime novel." I’m still thinking about whether I meant exactly what I wrote in my comment (which is highlighted in Declan’s pulchritudinous, plus even bearded, post) or whether that "not" was in the wrong place in my sentence. When I’ve worked it out, I’ll respond over at Crime Always Pays, but in the meantime, head on over and accept Declan’s invitation to jump in.