Three Is are Euro Crime winners

Yesterday, Euro Crime published its reviewers’ favourite reads of 2007. Karen asked all her reviewers to nominate their five favourite books of the year (that’s 14 people as well as Karen herself), counted them all up and found that three books came out a shade ahead — with three votes each. They are:

Gianrico CarofiglioReasonable Doubts (another review here.)
Arnaldur IndridasonThe Draining Lake (plus one vote for Voices (also reviewed here and here) )
Brian McGillowayBorderlands

Mine was the vote for Voices. I chose it because I have read so many great books this year that I decided to limit myself to those for which I’ve had reviews published during the year. I have read and reviewed The Draining Lake, but the review is not yet published. I do think that The Draining Lake is better than Voices: each of the four books by Indridason so far translated into English has been better than the last — and the first was pretty spectacular! (The four are Jar City, Silence of the Grave, Voices and The Draining Lake.)

If you haven’t read any of these books yet, I do urge you to do so. They are all very short, so won’t take long, and are all wonderful. The first is Italian, the second Icelandic and the third Irish, so the three Is of Europe have taken the honours this year. Carofiglio’s is the third of a series (for maximum enjoyment, read them in order: the first two are Involuntary Witness and A Walk in the Dark) , and McGilloway’s is a first novel.

At the Euro Crime post, you can also see the 14 books that collected two votes each. A very good selection, based on the 7 that I have read. And here are the choices broken down by reviewer, including mine. (Karen’s own top ten are here.) I’ll post a bit more about my nominations tomorrow (or whenever I can next find time for this blog), but that’s all folks, for tonight.