Some links about books and reading

"BRONZE INSIDE AND OUT: A BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIR OF BOB SCRIVER" by Mary Scriver [known to us as the admirable Prairie Mary] "has now been delivered to the officers of the University of Calgary Press and will be shipped out to buyers as quickly as possible". I have been fascinated by Mary’s accounts of writing and publishing this book, and her stories of the subject, over the past months, and I urge you to take her advice: "I think the press has severely underestimated the number of copies that will sell, so it would be a good idea to order now."

At Table Talk, a delightful blog I have discovered via the Sunday Salon, Ann Darnton asks readers which books they are looking looking forward to in 2008, but crucially, gives us some of her own selections — more grist for the Amazon basket.

Ali Karim at the Rap Sheet provides some excerpts from a Yorkshire Post article in which Sue Freeman questions the chairpeople of the upcoming Harrogate festival why they think crime fiction is so popular. The answers, by Simon Kernick, Mark Billingham and Natasha Cooper, are worth reading. Via this same post, you can download a podcast from last year’s Harrogate festival and see the list of attending authors for 2008’s bash.

Even more interesting, in my view, is this post by Martin Edwards about his experience writing for The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing. You can read his excellent essay, The Detective in British Crime Fiction, at his website, and comment on it at his blog. (And if you want to know about the book Martin Edwards is writing next, see here.)

Material Witness is the latest to review Redbreast by Jo Nesbo. I’ve really got to read this book as everyone who has read it thinks it is great.

An inconvenient truth?

Today I had occasion to visit the website of the obesity society, and was amused to be greeted by this message:

"Because we’re expanding our programs and our staff, The Obesity Society has outgrown its old offices."

Words fail me.